Total Solar Eclipse 2017 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Total solar eclipse Jackson Wyoming 2017

This year’s summer vacation orbited around the Super Bowl of astronomical events: a total solar eclipse. A few years ago I read that there would be an eclipse over the U.S in 2017. I knew then that’d I’d make it a point to see it under any circumstances. At the time, 2017 was still some unknowable and far-off date in the future. You can’t make reservations years in advance on Expedia. So I stashed away my plans until the date drew […]

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San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

San Miguel Allende VW Bug

Alarm A Mexican hotel room in the dark. 5 AM. I snap awake. Loud bangs, like sprays of gunfire, echo through the city streets. Uh oh, what was that? I’m lying on my beck in bed, next to my wife. She’s stirring. I fumble around for my iphone and find it. My face is glowing white in its light as I check Twitter to find out what’s going on. San Miguel de Allende is full of tourists—surely someone is asking the […]

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Road Trip to Pennsylvania

Omni Bedford Springs front entrance Pennsylvania

Our baby has morphed into a little tornado. He spends his waking hours spinning around the house, upending every object not tethered to a surface. We haven’t held him liable for damages yet because he reimburses us with smiles and laughs. With all of this energy bubbling through him, we thought he was ready for a short weekend trip to the countryside. After some googling, I came upon the idea of taking him to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort, a […]

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3d Modeling Using Drones: A comparison between Pix4d and Drone Deploy software

I have a lot of interests and hobbies. Some persist longer than others. Take, for example, my fleeting interest in cocktail mixing and collecting old books. Years later, I’m left with a rack of glistening vermouth and Campari bottles whose contents will never be emptied–except into a sink–and a few 19th century hardcover books silently but cruelly reminding me of the strain they will one day add to my back when we move to another house. My drone hobby is […]

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The NFL in London

London Eye

Traveling overseas with an infant is a lot easier than you’d think. Aside from lugging the baby carriage around, all you have to do is feed him and watch him sleep. Wait, I’m getting the sense that my wife would disagree. We took our 3 month-old son on a family trip to London recently. His memories of the trip have surely been erased from his rapidly forming neural pathways, but we think he had a good time.  Dean has me […]

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First month with my drone

Flying drone over the Hudson River at Cold Spring, NY

“Hey are you getting some good shots with that drone?” I turn around to see a police car inching past me. He asks me to land it. I comply, shaking my head as I realize I will not be getting the shots I wanted of the Croton Dam. He makes small talk, a nice guy. But he checks my license and writes down my FAA drone registration number. I ask if it’s illegal to fly the drone here, to which […]

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Drone footage of Chestertown, Maryland

I bought a drone a few weeks ago and think I’ve found myself a new hobby. I live in Washington DC so I can’t fly the thing within 30 miles of my house because of the FAA restrictions over the capital, so I’m not sure if I’ll get to use it as I would like to. But even if I never use the thing again, I got my money’s worth last weekend. The Autel X-Star Premium, which I bought from […]

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Litchfield Hills, Connecticut

First Congregational Church Washington

Two hours from Manhattan are the beautiful green hills, small towns, and solace of the Litchfield Hills, in northwestern Connecticut. The area is true New England, with beautiful forests, white churches from the 1700s, and quaint main streets. We were up in this part of Connecticut to take advantage of a wedding gift we received last year for a two-night stay at the Mayflower Grace hotel in Washington, CT. It’s a gorgeous property dating back to the 1700s. The meticulously […]

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Myrdal train station

Emily and I spent last week in Norway, visiting the cities of Oslo and Bergen and the fjords of the country’s west coast. Oslo We began our trip in Oslo, Norway’s capital and largest city. We had a few hours to burn before checking into our hotel so we took a walk down to the harbor nearby to explore, waking ourselves up with some stiff Norwegian coffee. The harbor’s main attraction is Aker Brygge, a neighborhood occupying a former industrial […]

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The Amish Buffalo

Normal people don’t get their dairy products from a cooler in as stranger’s backyard. They go to the grocery store and stand in line and pay for their milk and cheese and butter and whatever else can be made from what a cow squirts out of its udders. I don’t fall into that category. During the last month I’ve been on an organic food adventure, one that involves a private club that sells water buffalo and camel milk to city […]

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