Me and my wife on safari

Me and my wife on safari

Welcome! Travel has been a passion of mine ever since my parents took me and my brothers on a long road trip to Disney World back in the late 1980s. Since then, my travels have brought me to 45 countries on every continent except Antarctica.

I like travel so much because it’s a way to explore the unknown. It’s a way to satisfy an innate curiosity about my surroundings–to learn what’s around the next corner, over the next hill, or off the next exit.

I don’t see my trips as vacations; I view them as learning experiences that add to my understanding of the world. The next time a protest is held in the Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, or an earthquake hits Mexico City (hopefully that doesn’t happen any time soon), I will be able to recall my experiences in those places and be able to understand the event more clearly than if I had simply read about the locale in a book.

Why read this blog

I think you’ll find this blog most helpful if you enjoy taking day or overnight trips in the Washington, DC – New York City corridor, and are looking for ideas and suggestions about what to see, where to stay, and what restaurants you could try out.

For those of you who have dogs, this blog might be especially useful because I often bring both of mine along on my adventures.  I frequently share suggestions on dog-friendly activities, restaurants, and hotels.

As you read through these posts, you will notice my interests in history, cities, geography, beaches, cuisine, and many other topics. I want to see as many UNESCO World Heritage sites as possible, so when my travels bring me to one, I’ll cite it.


Ollie at the pumpkin patch

What camera are you using?

I use a Canon EOS6D, a full frame DSLR.

Unless otherwise indicated, I took every photo on this site.





  • Cc

    What is the vest dc leisurely bike tour? In town from louisiana. Been her before would like to bike on Tues.

    • Kevin Craw

      I would say stick to the National Mall area and do a monuments tour. Rent a Capital Bike Share bike for a few hours. Start at Capitol (that way you’re going down hill), head towards the museums and Washington Monument, spin off to White House, rejoin National Mall at Vietnam Veterans and WWII Memorials. Lincoln next. Then ride around the Tidal Basin and see MLK memorial, Roosevelt, and Jefferson. Enjoy!

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