Annapolis photo tour

I received a gift certificate for Washington Photo Safari a company that offers photo tours of DC and the surrounding region. Out of many options, I chose the photography tour of Annapolis. I had never taken a photography lesson so my hope was to learn more about the different functions of my camera, such as shutter speed, F-stops, and ISO adjustments. Steven Rosenbach, the photographer who led the tour, met us and a few others at Starbucks and gave a 20 minute class on the basics of photography. I thought the class was appropriate for my experience level and I picked up a couple of tips that I still use today.


Annapolis street

Annapolis street


Annapolis is one of the best examples of an old American town, complete with a mix of architectural styles from the 18th and 19th centuries, a walkable downtown with a lot of shops and restaurants, and a waterfront that is integrated into the city, rather than cut off from it. If I were to put together an itinerary for a European planning a ten day tour of the U.S., I would put Annapolis on it. Another must-see in the city is the U.S. Naval Academy, one of the country’s four main service academies. The last time I had been there was as a wee West Point cadet on some weekend exchange trip.

Annapolis buildings

USNA building in background

Steven took us all around the city, pointing out good vantage points. He took us around not only to photograph beautiful old buildings and cobblestone streets, but also focused our attention on the smaller design details all around us, such as intricately designed door knobs, picket fences, and flower beds. He explained how to adjust our camera settings to achieve certain effects.

Annapolis house

Cool house

We headed up to the Maryland State House, the oldest state capitol in continuous use since the 18th century. Steven suggested some good vantage points from which to take pictures of the building and its grounds, as you can see below.

Annapolis grey house Maryland

Annapolis grey house

Our tour concluded at the Annapolis waterfront. The late afternoon sky presented the perfect lighting for photography in a maritime setting.

Annapolis marina

Annapolis sailboats

Annapolis harbor

The boats, ropes, and other sailing stuff (I’m obviously not a sailor) were good targets for our cameras as the Sun began its descent.

sailboat colors

sailboat colors

We saw some neatly coiled ropes on the docks and spent a few minutes taking some close ups. I had never focused my photographic attention on the close-up details of objects but after this lesson I now take more pictures of objects up close.

Annapolis sailing

On the dock

Annapolis Maryland

Guy running in Annapolis Maryland

All in all, this was a great little day trip out of the DC–it’s only a 1 hour drive to Annapolis.

On our way home, we had dinner at Rams Head Tavern, an English style-pub restaurant with good burgers and a good draft beer selection.



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