Virginia Apple Picking and Winery

One of our fall traditions is to go apple picking at Stribling Orchard (Markham, VA), a huge apple and peach orchard right off I66 about 1.5 hours west of Washington, DC. This orchard has about 1 million apples all ready to be picked between September and October. I can’t say enough good things about this place. You can drive you car through the orchard, park where you want, and pick as many apples as you need. Picker poles (just made that term up) are provided so you can reach those hard to reach places.

Apple picking in Virginia

Me chomping at the bit

Apple picking in Virginia

Ollie observing Emily

Stribling Orchard

Stribling Orchard

Barrel Oak Winery, Delaplane VA

If you plan it right, you can hit both Stribling Orchard and Barrel Oak Winery together on the same day. Both are right off I66 so it’s really easy to hit both. I recommend going to Stribling Orchard first, getting your apples and even a BBQ lunch, then driving to Barrel Oak to relax the afternoon away with some wine.

Barrel Oak is one of the few pet-friendly  wineries in the area. I had no idea that it was though; I went in to get a bottle of wine and was surprised to learn there were dogs everywhere. I called for Emily to come inside and bring Ollie out of his back seat lair in the Saab. Both fiance and pup were happy with the scene. We did a quick wine tasting before buying a bottle of Syrah and getting a couple of glasses and sitting out on the patio overlooking Virginia horse country.

Barrel Oak Winery tasting

Emily tasting at Barrel Oak

Barrel Oak Winery dog

Emily with Ollie at Barrel Oak

We then checked out the winery’s farmers market on the other end of the farm and found this beautiful 19th century house that had a small pen for pigs and goats. Here are some pictures from that place:

Farm vegetables in Virginia

Farm vegetables at Barrel Oak

Virginia vineyard

Vineyard at Barrel Oak, Delaplane, VA


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