Road Trip to Pennsylvania

Omni Bedford Springs front entrance Pennsylvania

Our baby has morphed into a little tornado. He spends his waking hours spinning around the house, upending every object not tethered to a surface. We haven’t held him liable for damages yet because he reimburses us with smiles and laughs. With all of this energy bubbling through him, we thought he was ready for a short weekend trip to the countryside. After some googling, I came upon the idea of taking him to the Omni Bedford Springs Resort, a […]

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Drone footage of Chestertown, Maryland

I bought a drone a few weeks ago and think I’ve found myself a new hobby. I live in Washington DC so I can’t fly the thing within 30 miles of my house because of the FAA restrictions over the capital, so I’m not sure if I’ll get to use it as I would like to. But even if I never use the thing again, I got my money’s worth last weekend. The Autel X-Star Premium, which I bought from […]

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The Amish Buffalo

Normal people don’t get their dairy products from a cooler in as stranger’s backyard. They go to the grocery store and stand in line and pay for their milk and cheese and butter and whatever else can be made from what a cow squirts out of its udders. I don’t fall into that category. During the last month I’ve been on an organic food adventure, one that involves a private club that sells water buffalo and camel milk to city […]

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Havre de Grace, MD

Concord Point Light

Havre de Grace, the city whose name has caused pronunciation problems for centuries, is situated along the mouth of the Susquehanna River in northeastern Maryland.  Just one mile south of the congested Interstate 95, this city of 12,000 is nestled in a quiet corner of northern Chesapeake Bay, where the mighty Susquehanna dumps into the bay the fresh water it collected during its 464 mile journey through New York State, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Not only does Havre de Grace–locals pronounce […]

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Northwest DC’s Prettiest Streets

Swann Street row houses

Given my thirst for traveling overseas, and to off-the-wall locations like coal mining country in West Virginia, it’s not often that I write a blog post about my own city: Washington, DC. I got inspired to write this post while walking down Swann Street NW one day. The street and sidewalk were blanketed in yellow leaves, and a ceiling of tree branches hung over the street between the multicolored row houses facing each other like soldiers on a parade field. […]

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West Virginia’s National Coal Heritage Trail

Coal may not be king anymore in West Virginia but its physical imprints can still be seen all over the southern part of the state, the site of my latest road trip from Washington, DC. I traveled to this part of the country specifically to tour the National Coal Heritage Area, which covers 13 counties in the heart of Appalachia. Through this region runs the 187 mile-long Coal Heritage Trail, one of 126 distinct roads, or byways, in the United […]

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New Hope, PA

New Hope and Ivyland Rail Station

During the same weekend as my visit to Great Falls in Paterson, New Jersey I stopped for a few hours in New Hope, Pennsylvania, a little town on the Delaware River about 10 miles northwest of Trenton, New Jersey. Originally a mill town, the city became an artist’s haven in the early 20th century. With the opening of the Bucks County Playhouse in 1938, New Hope gained the reputation as a testing ground for Broadway playwrights and performers. New Hope […]

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Occoquan, Virginia

Mill Street

Occoquan, Virginia, a little village on the Occoquan river only about a 30 minute drive from Washington, DC, is the perfect place for a quick day trip. This historic town of 900 people is hidden below a busy highway bridge (Route 123), nestled at the river’s edge. It is situated downriver from the rapids caused by the geological feature called the Fall Line, the subject of several of my other blog posts for Fredericksburg (VA) and Great Falls in Potomac […]

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Front Royal, VA

Hollin Farm sunflowers in Virginia

An unintended guest The black fuzzy mark moved slowly out of the white plastic bag on my kitchen counter. Its little black legs worked in unison as it peered out across the kitchen and craned its thick neck upward to get its bearings. I noticed it in my peripheral vision at first. When I looked a little harder, I realized it was  a caterpillar that must have hitched a ride on some collared greens that had I picked myself at […]

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Sugarloaf Mountain (Maryland)

Sugarloaf Mountain Maryland foliage

Sugarloaf Mountain, about 45 minutes northwest of Washington, DC, is a good choice for a half-day getaway to the countryside. I wouldn’t say Sugarloaf is a mountain–it’s only 1300 feet above sea level–but it juts out above the surrounding farmland  so it’s visible from ten miles away. I initially intended to take the dogs to Little Bennett Regional Park, right off I-270, but when I got the entrance I realized it was more of a campground then a hiking trail […]

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