Northwest DC’s Prettiest Streets

Swann Street row houses

Given my thirst for traveling overseas, and to off-the-wall locations like coal mining country in West Virginia, it’s not often that I write a blog post about my own city: Washington, DC. I got inspired to write this post while walking down Swann Street NW one day. The street and sidewalk were blanketed in yellow leaves, and a ceiling of tree branches hung over the street between the multicolored row houses facing each other like soldiers on a parade field. […]

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Rock Creek Park (Beach Drive)

Rock Creek Washington DC

Rock Creek Park is my favorite weekend destination in Washington, DC. It’s beautiful, wild, not far from my apartment, and our dogs love it. Though DC is the most densely populated “state” in the country, there are sections of Rock Creek Park that look every bit as wild and unspoiled as the most remote corners of West Virginia. The park is huge. I can’t say I’ve explored even a quarter of its 2000 acres. I know the southern end of […]

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Theodore Roosevelt Island

Teddy Roosevelt Statue in Washington, DC

This 88-acre island in the middle of the Potomac River across from Washington DC provides a beautiful wooded setting for a quick and easy getaway from the city. Aside from Rock Creek Park, this is my favorite spot in DC to walk my dog.  It’s easy to get to, provides great views of Georgetown and the river, and has a few  miles of trails through beautiful woods and marshland. Suggestions for a visit: After crossing the footbridge from the parking […]

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The Steps of Northwest DC

Spanish Steps NW DC

If you’ve been to DC, you’ve probably climbed the steps of the city’s most recognizable monuments:  the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, The Capitol.  But DC also has lesser-known public steps, tucked away in the residential areas of Northwest, that are worth seeing. With the exception of a broad flat plain extending north from the Potomac River to around U Street, DC is a city of hills. In the leafy neighborhoods north and west of Downtown there can be found […]

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DC: Meridian Hill Park

Meridian Hill Park NW DC

I’m fortunate to live only three blocks away from Meridian Hill Park, an intelligently designed, century-old urban park off 16th Street in the U Street-Columbia Heights area of NW Washington DC. The park used to be a no-go area after dark, and I bet it was a no-go area during the day for most of the 80s and 90s during the crime wave, but now it’s a haven for families, joggers, soccer players, and dog walkers like me. I take […]

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Kenilworth Park and Aquatic Gardens

Kenilworth Aquatic Gardens NE DC

Just when I thought I was running out of things to see in Washington, DC, I discovered this place. It’s located on the far east side of the diamond that Washington DC’s borders form on a map, so I don’t normally head out this way. The park is actually in a run down area of DC; I was not even sure I was going to the right place when I turned off the highway. But I thought the trip was […]

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