The NFL in London

London Eye

Traveling overseas with an infant is a lot easier than you’d think. Aside from lugging the baby carriage around, all you have to do is feed him and watch him sleep. Wait, I’m getting the sense that my wife would disagree. We took our 3 month-old son on a family trip to London recently. His memories of the trip have surely been erased from his rapidly forming neural pathways, but we think he had a good time.  Dean has me […]

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Myrdal train station

Emily and I spent last week in Norway, visiting the cities of Oslo and Bergen and the fjords of the country’s west coast. Oslo We began our trip in Oslo, Norway’s capital and largest city. We had a few hours to burn before checking into our hotel so we took a walk down to the harbor nearby to explore, waking ourselves up with some stiff Norwegian coffee. The harbor’s main attraction is Aker Brygge, a neighborhood occupying a former industrial […]

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Amalfi Coast

Positano Italy beach

No, I’m not on the Amalfi Coast, unfortunately. I’m stuck at home in Washington DC in a huge blizzard on its way delivering us 2.5 feet of snow. So in an attempt to get away from my TV, I’ve decided to write a blog post about a trip I took several years ago with my wife and her family to the Amalfi Coast in southern Italy. I was looking at the pictures the other day and thought that I should […]

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Budapest, Vienna, and Bratislava

Széchenyi budapest bath

Though I lived in Germany for almost four years, I never made it to this corner of Central Europe. My friend and I visited three European capitals in this one-week trip:  Vienna, Budapest, and Bratislava. All are within a couple of hours of each other via rail or riverboat on the Danube. We began our trip in Budapest, the edgy Hungarian capital with great restaurants and cafes, un-renovated buildings from the 1800s and a more “foreign” feel than Western European […]

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Portugal is the most overlooked country of Western Europe in terms of travel. The tourism powerhouses of France and Italy continue to top the most visited countries in the world, but there is something just as special on the western edge of the Iberian peninsula, a place with a long history of culture and history, cheap food and wine, and beautiful architecture. As long as the tourists stay away, I’m fine with it. I prefer my destinations to be empty. […]

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