3d Modeling Using Drones: A comparison between Pix4d and Drone Deploy software

I have a lot of interests and hobbies. Some persist longer than others. Take, for example, my fleeting interest in cocktail mixing and collecting old books. Years later, I’m left with a rack of glistening vermouth and Campari bottles whose contents will never be emptied–except into a sink–and a few 19th century hardcover books silently but cruelly reminding me of the strain they will one day add to my back when we move to another house. My drone hobby is […]

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The Amish Buffalo

Normal people don’t get their dairy products from a cooler in as stranger’s backyard. They go to the grocery store and stand in line and pay for their milk and cheese and butter and whatever else can be made from what a cow squirts out of its udders. I don’t fall into that category. During the last month I’ve been on an organic food adventure, one that involves a private club that sells water buffalo and camel milk to city […]

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My go-to travel apps

Kawaikui Beach Park

I have a slight addiction to my IPhone. Without it, I feel naked and afraid. It’s sad, I know, but I don’t think I’m the only one with an electronic monkey on my back. I have 60 apps on my phone, and many have proven their worth time and again on my local trips and trips overseas. Here are some of my favorites: Yelp Description: Location-based review website, most useful for restaurants, bars, shopping, museums Why its on my phone: […]

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