Oahu, Hawaii (April 2015)

Lulumahu Falls

Work brought me to Hawaii once again. The non-stop, 11 hour flight on Hawaiian Airlines was a bit of an ordeal, but was all worth it when we descended from the clouds and the sunny paradise of Oahu became visible from the plane window. Before I go on, I have to say that Hawaiian Airlines itself is really top notch. What other airline in the U.S. gives you free meals and wine in coach? Moanalua Valley I arrived late in […]

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Oahu, Hawaii (March 2015)

Hawaii north shore sunset

The wide blue watery expanse of the Pacific Oceans appeared ahead as I descended from Oahu’s hilly center to the North Shore. The water was beautiful, sparkling in the late afternoon light. To the left, behind a volcanic plain, was the WaiĘ»anae Range, which looks right out of the background of the show Lost. The scenery was a welcome respite from the hectic southern end of Oahu, with its traffic stalled highways and sprawl. Work brings me to Hawaii once […]

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