First month with my drone

Flying drone over the Hudson River at Cold Spring, NY

“Hey are you getting some good shots with that drone?” I turn around to see a police car inching past me. He asks me to land it. I comply, shaking my head as I realize I will not be getting the shots I wanted of the Croton Dam. He makes small talk, a nice guy. But he checks my license and writes down my FAA drone registration number. I ask if it’s illegal to fly the drone here, to which […]

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Newburgh, NY

The Hudson Valley renaissance is underway, with towns like Cold Spring, Garrison, Beacon, and Peekskill attracting a lot of attention from the well-heeled looking to scoop up property, chefs opening up restaurants serving locally sourced ingredients and distillers and brewers looking for suitable spots to concoct their creations. Some liken the New York State’s Lower Hudson Valley to Germany’s Rhine River valley, with its riverside villages and towns, steep hillsides, and vineyards. Newburgh, the second largest in New York State’s […]

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Whitney Museum of American Art

Whitney Museum of American art

My wife and I visited the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York this weekend. Formerly located on the Upper East Side, the Whitney moved to its new location in the Meatpacking District in May of 2015. The museum is situated at the southern end of the High Line, a hugely popular outdoor park built atop an elevated section of abandoned  railway. This whole area of Manhattan has blown up (in a good way) over the past decade and […]

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Central Park Muppet photo shoot

My wife and I refer to our two rescue dogs, Annie and Ollie, as the Muppets. Like the beloved characters, our dogs are mismatched orphans with unique personalities and a talent for entertaining. Ollie, who is six, is a well-traveled terrier-dachsund mix with a Napoleon complex. He is a great companion dog, cute as can be. Just about everyone that passes him on the street gives him a little smile. If only we could get him to stop barking at […]

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Couch archaeology in Western New York State

I love old geography and travel books. I bought a few on Ebay last year and enjoyed browsing through their yellowed, flimsy pages and dated writing. At Strand Bookstore in Union Square in New York City, I found a 1851 book by archaeologist and newspaper editor Ephraim George Squier with the funny title “Antiquities of the State of New York: Being the results of extensive original surveys and explorations, with a supplement on the antiquities of the West.” Taking the […]

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Fall Foliage Fix – Hudson Valley, NY and Northern NJ

Minnewaska State Park 2, Moss Glen Trail

My name is Kevin, and I’m a leaf peeper. Is it a problem? Maybe, but I’m more of a functional leaf peeper. Every fall though, I fall off the wagon and go back to the same old habits. I can be found driving aimlessly around rural areas, stopping to gaze at the red, orange, and yellow splashes along the way. Symptoms include feverishly taking photos of trees, aggressively seeking out farmers markets, gorging on apple cider donuts to the point […]

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Saratoga Springs, NY

Saratoga row houses

Emily and I just returned from a weekend in Saratoga Springs, NY for a our friends’ wedding, held in the beautiful 140 year old Canfield Casino, a Renaissance Revival masterpiece in the middle of Congress Park in downtown Saratoga. The wedding was really fun and families of both the bride and the groom were extremely nice. I’ve been to Saratoga a couple of times before and really like the downtown area and the old mansions that line the streets on […]

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Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk exterior

I got married over the weekend! And this blog post is my first as a husband–wow, that sounds weird. After a beautiful wedding in New York City that exceeded both our our expectations, we embarked on our two-day “mini-moon” to get some relaxation and downtime before going back to work in DC. Our destination was the historic Mohonk Mountain House, a 146 year old resort outside of New Paltz, a town about 1.5 hours north of the city. We arrived […]

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New York City: Central Park

Central Park San Remo and flowers

For someone who likes to travel, living in the Washington, DC area might be one of the best places in the country. There’s tons of stuff to see and do in and around the District, and New York City only a three hour train ride away (well, 2.5, if you’re willing to spend the extra cash to take the Acela). I go up to New York quite a lot on the train and I look forward to the train trip […]

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West Point, NY

West Point The Plain

The U.S. Military Academy at West Point (USMA), my alma mater, is one of the most impressive college campuses in the United States. The castle-like, neogothic buildings that stand over the wide parade ground project an image of martial power and tradition going back to the early 1800s. While I was a student there, I definitely appreciated he beauty of the campus and its natural setting on the Hudson River, but I think I was too busy to really understand […]

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