I-95 (Philadelphia and New Castle, DE)

I-95 I’ve been driving up and down I-95 between Washington, DC and northern New Jersey since 2008. The 240 mile trip lasts about 5 hours with normal traffic, but at peak rush hour times and especially on Thanksgiving eve, the drive becomes intolerable. This is the most densely populated stretch of highway in the nation, I believe, so driving anywhere on this highway the night before Thanksgiving is not a good idea. I’ve learned my lesson; I now take Amtrak […]

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Princeton, NJ

Princeton University New Jersey

Even though I grew about one hour from Princeton, I had only set foot in the city once, when I went for my interview for a service academy nomination at Senator Bill Bradley’s office. On a recent drive up to NJ, I decided to take a detour to see the campus. I love the design and style of American college campuses, especially the older ones in the Northeast. Princeton is the quintessential American university campus. Neogothic buildings abound. The quads […]

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Road Trip from DC to Detroit

Detroit graffiti

Cities visited: Cumberland, MD; Fallingwater, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Toledo, OH; Detroit, MI; Dearborn, MI; Akron, OH; Kent State University, OH; Hagerstown, MD Last fall, when I was still a U.S. government employee, the government shutdown kept me at home for two weeks. Rather than just sit at home and wait for the call to come back to work, I decided to get off the couch and embark on road trip to a city I had heard so much about but […]

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