First month with my drone

Flying drone over the Hudson River at Cold Spring, NY

“Hey are you getting some good shots with that drone?” I turn around to see a police car inching past me. He asks me to land it. I comply, shaking my head as I realize I will not be getting the shots I wanted of the Croton Dam. He makes small talk, a nice guy. But he checks my license and writes down my FAA drone registration number. I ask if it’s illegal to fly the drone here, to which […]

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Litchfield Hills, Connecticut

First Congregational Church Washington

Two hours from Manhattan are the beautiful green hills, small towns, and solace of the Litchfield Hills, in northwestern Connecticut. The area is true New England, with beautiful forests, white churches from the 1700s, and quaint main streets. We were up in this part of Connecticut to take advantage of a wedding gift we received last year for a two-night stay at the Mayflower Grace hotel in Washington, CT. It’s a gorgeous property dating back to the 1700s. The meticulously […]

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A short weekend in Philadelphia

The excellent Philadelphia skyline

When my mother-in-law invited me and my wife up to Philadelphia to visit a couple of art museums, I jumped on the opportunity. Philadelphia has wonderful a skyline, great examples of colonial Georgian architecture, cobblestones streets, and world-class museums. We stayed at the Loews Philadelphia, which would be the perfect location but for the huge collection of downright mentally ill people wandering the streets nearby. I saw one guy swearing and punching the air in front of him as he […]

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