Central Park Muppet photo shoot

My wife and I refer to our two rescue dogs, Annie and Ollie, as the Muppets. Like the beloved characters, our dogs are mismatched orphans with unique personalities and a talent for entertaining.

Me and Emily and the muppets

Me and Emily and the muppets (Ollie on the left, Annie on the right)

Ollie, who is six, is a well-traveled terrier-dachsund mix with a Napoleon complex. He is a great companion dog, cute as can be. Just about everyone that passes him on the street gives him a little smile. If only we could get him to stop barking at large dogs. He improving every day with training though.

Annie, 1.5 years old, is a terrier-whippet or miniature greyhound mix. She looks a little like Splinter, the rat from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. When we adopted her, she had a broken femur that was held together by a metal rod. We had it removed and she has since made a full recovery. In fact, she runs faster than me now.

This blog is, after all, primarily about trips I have taken with my dogs, so I wanted to post some pictures that my wife and I took of our dogs on a recent trip to New York. This is a photo compilation, as the pictures speak for themselves.


The dogs headed into Central Park on an unseasonably warm fall day. They were adorned in a variety of outfits.

Central Park Dogs

The Muppets on a park bench at the east end of the park

They visited the southern end of the park between 65th and 75th streets, taking in the sights along the way. They entered the park at the Dene, walked along The Mall, frolicked in Sheeps Meadow, took in Bethesda Fountain and the Loeb Boathouse, and admired The Lake and Bow Bridge. Admission to the park was free, but they had to put up with constant wardrobe changes and entreaties to sit down and look up while their owners took photos.

Central Park Dogs

Standing their ground in the fall breeze (The Mall)

Central Park Dogs

Serenity on Bethesda Terrace

Central Park Dogs

Chilling on one of Central Park’s many boulders

Central Park Dogs

Oops, can’t get any farther – The Lake

Central Park Dogs

Sheep Meadow – we’re smoked

Central Park Dogs

Pups enjoying the grass (San Remo in the background)

We can't kayak?

We can’t kayak?

The photo shoot was a nice way to spend the afternoon outside with my wife and pups in our favorite park. We toured the sites and got some exercise after a day of Thanksgiving excess.  Best of all, the pups put smiles on our faces and brightened the days of so many passersby.

Kevin is based in Washington, DC and writes about his travel adventures in the Mid-Atlantic region and around the world. Through entertaining writing and eye-catching photography, he aims to provide readers with useful information as they plan their next trips.

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