Mohonk Mountain House

Mohonk exterior

I got married over the weekend! And this blog post is my first as a husband–wow, that sounds weird. After a beautiful wedding in New York City that exceeded both our our expectations, we embarked on our two-day “mini-moon” to get some relaxation and downtime before going back to work in DC. Our destination was the historic Mohonk Mountain House, a 146 year old resort outside of New Paltz, a town about 1.5 hours north of the city. We arrived […]

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Mason Neck State Park (Virginia)

Mason Neck State Park Virginia

I love to hike, but having been in the DC area since 2008, I’m running out of parks to try. It’s gotten so dire that I’ve resorted to using Google Maps to spot areas that are colored green, then zooming in close enough to where the name of the park shows up. It’s not the most efficient process–sometimes the green spaces are just golf courses. But I used this technique today to discover a park, about 45 minutes from DC, […]

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Oahu, Hawaii (April 2015)

Lulumahu Falls

Work brought me to Hawaii once again. The non-stop, 11 hour flight on Hawaiian Airlines was a bit of an ordeal, but was all worth it when we descended from the clouds and the sunny paradise of Oahu became visible from the plane window. Before I go on, I have to say that Hawaiian Airlines itself is really top notch. What other airline in the U.S. gives you free meals and wine in coach? Moanalua Valley I arrived late in […]

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Oahu, Hawaii (March 2015)

Hawaii north shore sunset

The wide blue watery expanse of the Pacific Oceans appeared ahead as I descended from Oahu’s hilly center to the North Shore. The water was beautiful, sparkling in the late afternoon light. To the left, behind a volcanic plain, was the Waiʻanae Range, which looks right out of the background of the show Lost. The scenery was a welcome respite from the hectic southern end of Oahu, with its traffic stalled highways and sprawl. Work brings me to Hawaii once […]

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San Juan, Puerto Rico

Old San Juan cobblestone puerto rico

When my friends asked me where I wanted to have my bachelor party, I wasn’t sure where I wanted to go.   I had some criteria: late February, in a warm place with a beach, nightlife, and a good restaurant scene.  I didn’t want people to have to worry about passport issues. Puerto Rico was the first place that came to my mind. At first I was a little skeptical about PR as a destination, with reports of high crime and […]

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Florida South Beach McAlpin Crescent Miami

Trip Summary: With beautiful white sand beaches and great winter weather, Miami presents a slice of Latin American flavor for the sun-deprived northerner. I wouldn’t want to live there but it’s a great place to spend a few days, as long as you don’t mind the in-your-face Jersey-shore attitude of residents and visitors alike. I’m from New Jersey so I feel that I have the right to liberally throw around that insult. Saturday: I woke up early (as always) and […]

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St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

Sunset from St. John, USVI

St. John’s beautiful white sand beaches, rugged terrain, and rich history make this little island in the Greater Antilles an exciting tropical destination right at America’s doorstep. In fact, it’s American territory, even though they drive on the left side of the road. My fiance and I visited for five days. I went for hikes in the early morning; in the afternoons, we went on sailing trips around the island. Below you’ll find my accounts of my morning hikes, followed […]

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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Florida fruit

Fort Lauderdale’s nice beaches, warm weather, and laid-back vibe attract millions of tourists each year. If you want South Florida without the gaudiness of Miami or the sleepiness of Boca or West Palm Beach, Fort Lauderdale might be what you’re looking for. Itinerary I woke up early on the first morning and drove to Fort Lauderdale’s main beach, which borders a long stretch of restaurants and bars along Route A1A. After fumbling with the parking meter machine and accidentally paying […]

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Newport and Providence, RI

The Breakers newport

Rhode Island, the nation’s smallest state, manages to pack into its tiny borders a long list of things to see and do on a weekend trip. This little state, nestled in the underbelly of New England, offers great coastal scenery, quaint seaport villages, and an underrated capital with an outstanding food scene and sky-high walkability rating. Rhode Island, the nation’s smallest state, manages to pack into its tiny borders a long list of things to see and do on a […]

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Hatra, Iraq ruins

Hatra Iraq ruins 2003

One of the most memorable and exciting travel experiences I’ve ever had was the hour I spent walking among the ruins of Hatra, an ancient city in the desert of northwest Iraq, about 200 miles northwest of Baghdad. Our visit A UNESCO World Heritage site, the 2,000 year old Hatra was a major city in the Parthian Kingdom. If you recognize the scene in the pictures, you’ve probably seen the movie The Exorcist, which used the city as a backdrop […]

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