Montreal and Quebec City

Chateau Frontenac Quebec hotel

If you love Europe but lack the time or money to travel across the ocean, you can do worse than visiting the cities of Montreal and Quebec City. If you are a Francophile, you’ll really enjoy these cities. French abounds, especially in Quebec City, and the architecture will remind you of–you guessed it–France. Art Deco fans and those who appreciate the universally reviled 60s-70s style–I find it weirdly interesting–will have a lot to see. Montreal: Old Montreal, Mount Royal, Expo […]

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Portugal is the most overlooked country of Western Europe in terms of travel. The tourism powerhouses of France and Italy continue to top the most visited countries in the world, but there is something just as special on the western edge of the Iberian peninsula, a place with a long history of culture and history, cheap food and wine, and beautiful architecture. As long as the tourists stay away, I’m fine with it. I prefer my destinations to be empty. […]

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Chichicastenango Guatemala

Guatemala’s breathtaking natural scenery, warm people, and multi-colored colonial cities all work to make this one of the world’s most underrated travel destinations. It’s perfect for tourists looking for a little adventure without breaking the buck or getting run down with jet lag. The country has gotten a bad reputation in recent years due to its high murder rate, but it’s safe to say that unless you’re running drugs through the country to Mexico, you’re probably safer in Guatemala than […]

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